We, Menhera hackers together design the way the world works online.

Menhera.org (#MenheraOrg) is an organisation founded around 12020 HE to create a semi-academic place to collaborate on projects members imagine of. The Human-life Information Platforms Institute (or Organisation) (Japanese: 生活情報基盤研究機構) is its formal name. We aim to do creative things regardless of perceived usefulness.

Menhera Green: #5eaf30

Our missions

The information platforms behind the Internet form our daily communication, which in turn forms our societies. This is why we started this project.

We support students, researchers, and the overall academic communities—which all are the world-changing powers—by providing platforms. We are also working for a truly diverse and integrated society.

About us

真空 (ja: masoraˈ or ˈsiɴkuu)

Co-founder, Next-gen Social Platform project lead. Cyphanese developer. Information platforms artist. Awarded at JOL '21. Co-developer of the Virtual World Alubis. Undergrad at UTokyo (142nd president of the students counsil). Self-claimed far left. Twitter: @masora_m, Misskey: @masora@misskey.levome-dol.com.

❝わたくしたちは,運命に抗おうとするように造られているのだよ.❞ ——真空 (12020) on Twitter
Masora icon

ゐてるま/viterum(いてるま in Japanese or viterum /vɪtɛɹʌm/ in English)

Co-founder. Cyphanese project lead. Co-designer of the Virtual World Alubis. Owner of the levome-dol.com domain. Twitter: @viterum_24. Misskey(one of the ActivityPub SNSs): @viterum_24@misskey.levome-dol.com My icon was made by @Sky_slug.

❝参照透過的で副作用のない人生。周囲の人生に影響を受けず(与えず)、出生という引数に死という式評価のみをもたらす人生。❞ ——ゐてるま (12021) on Twitter
viterum icon

梅崎 眞雪 (ja: UˈMESAKI Mayukiˈ. Zyeŋió: MUIKHRIE Tinshyet)

Co-founder. Co-designer of the Virtual World Alubis. Co-developer of Cyphanese. Pronoun: they/them. Twitter: @nekw0. My icon was made using Shōnen-shōjo suki? (少年少女好き?).

❝もっと,ずっと深く,そして消える。❞ ——眞雪 (12020) on Twitter
Mayuki icon

Why Menhera

The name Menhera came from a Japanese slang メンヘラ (menhera), which originally means people with some mental disorders or pretending as such. We are paranoia about our every-day communication. We want our online activities to remain safe. Through these efforts we make a world where smart people can be pros. That sounds cool, doesn't it?