About Menhera.org

About Menhera.org
Menhera.org (Human-life Information Platforms Institute) designs the way the world works online through developing information platforms and supporting research.

Menhera.org (#MenheraOrg) is an organisation originally founded around 2020, and incorporated at 24th Jan, 2023 to create a semi-academic place to collaborate on projects members imagine of. The Human-life Information Platforms Institute (Japanese: 生活情報基盤研究機構) is its formal name. We aim to do creative things regardless of perceived usefulness.

The information platforms behind the Internet form our daily communication, which in turn forms our societies. Arts and sciences are no exception. This is why we started this project.

We support students, researchers, and the overall academic communities—which all are the world-changing powers—by providing platforms. We are also working for a truly diverse and integrated society.

Corporate site: https://www.menhera.or.jp/ (Japanese)

Content is avaiable under a CC-BY-SA license, unless otherwise stated.